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The Engineering Department issues driveway and street cut permits for construction within the city limits.

Driveway Permits

Any person, contractor, firm, corporation or other considering performing any driveway construction or repair must first obtain a permit before any work can begin. The driveway site will be monitored by the Engineering Department to ensure compliance with the city's specifications.

Street Cut Permits

Any excavation of the city streets shall require a street cut permit application to be submitted to the Engineering Department for approval by the City Engineer. An excavation is any activity that cuts, penetrates, or bores under any portion of the public roadway which has been improved with a paved surface for street, sidewalk, surface drainage, or related public transportation infrastructure purpose.

Driveway Permit Application Form
Street Cut Permit Application Form

You may email completed applications to: [email protected].

Site Development and Subdivisions

The Planning Department is the main point of contact for all site development regulations and submittals. While Engineering does perform our own review, all correspondence for official submittals and comments will come from the Planning Department. Please visit Planning Department’s page for more information regarding development regulations.

If you would like a quick reference, Stormwater regulations are discussed in the Subdivision Regulations on page 65 and Appendix B (pg 128). At the time of this statement, the last amendment noted in Article X (pg 98) was dated 6/5/13.

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